Vudu – User Accounts possibly compromised as the Hard Drivers were stolen

Today Vudu started sending emails to their account holders that their Hard Drives have been stolen. The hard drives might contain their users private data. Here is the content of their email. Ensure that you reset your passwords. Here is a snippet from their email to the customers.

We want to let you know that there was a break-in at the VUDU offices on March 24, 2013, and a number of items were stolen, including hard drives.

Our investigation thus far indicates that these hard drives contained customer information, including names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, account activity, dates of birth and the last four digits of some credit card numbers. It’s important to note that the drives did NOT contain full credit card numbers, as we do not store that information. Additionally, please note if you have never set a password on the VUDU site and have only logged in through another site, your password was not on the hard drives.

While the stolen hard drives included VUDU account passwords, those passwords were encrypted. We believe it would be difficult to break the password encryption, but we can’t rule out that possibility given the circumstances of this theft. So we think it’s best to be proactive and ask that you be proactive as well.

Kindle Fire Review !!!

My wife Amy, who is the author of Deccan Diamond and likes to read a lot, spent some time with the new Kindle Fire from Amazon. Apparently she likes it a lot. I am not sure if it is going to replace her beloved iPad. Anyways, visit her blog and find out.

Kindle Fire Review – By Amy Vishwanatha.

Windows 8 on Parallels ? No Sweat!!!!

The interwebs are lit up with the news that a worthy competitor to iOS has arrived. Who else can do it other than the mighty Microsoft (strangely enjoying the status of underdogs).  Microsoft was generous enough to provide a Developer preview of the Windows 8 to anybody who wishes to downloaded it.

I wanted to give it a spin, but did not want to dedicate one of my computers to do so. So I got Parallels to the rescue.

First I downloaded the Windows 8 from here.
The download was about 4.8 Gigs (64 bit with developer tools), so I had to use a dual layer DVD to burn the image. Later I realized that Parallels could have installed windows with an image on the disk (dumb me ?? )

Of course parallels could not recognize the Windows version, I told it to install as Windows 7, then after few minutes…voila. I had windows 8 up and running.

I took a spin for few minutes, underneath the surface it is mostly Windows 7, but when you click on the start button it takes you to the new tile based Metro interface.

I really like the Live tiles idea, it took few minutes for few of the Live tiles to update with data from the internet.

So far I like what I see, even though I love what apple has done with iOS and it is my bread and butter, I feel the competition is good for the consumers. But, iOS 5.0 is just a few days away and windows 8 has lots of catching up to do.

I wish I could travel the world like this.

The above video has inspired me to consider taking up a project like this to travel around the world and capture great moments using the camera.

This is a short film made by 3 guys spend 44 days flying 38,000 miles on 18 flights to 11 different countries and capturing their good time on their cams.

As a person who loves to travel and take photos, I find this really neat.

via Petapixel

My iPAD wallpaper apps are free today !!

Hello All,
to celebrate the American Independence day, my iPad apps are on sale for FREE. The sale is just today only.
So check them out and go get them.

Floral Wallpaper for iPad
Scenic Wallpaper for iPad

Network Issues during Steve Job’s Keynote – a lowlight of a great Keynote

The WWDC10 keynote is still going on and we have had some exciting announcements. iPhone4 Yayyyyy!!!!. The display looks fantastic with some impressive innards. Will surely get it on the first day of course. I gotta test my apps for the new resolution (wink wink).

However everything did not as planned as Steve had network issues during the keynote. (This reminded me of Bill Gates Windows 95 Demo when it crashed during the presentation with BSD). The supposed demo of NYT web page did not load and someone from the audience shouted “Verizon” lol. I totally agree.   AT&T has been weakest link of the whole iPhone/iPad deal. I bet there will be a huge exodus of members to Verizon as soon as AT&T loses their exclusivity.

The recent changes to the Data Plans by AT&T aren’t surely going to help. I do hope Verizon does not follow the footsteps of AT&T and get stingy on the data quota.

PS: Image is sourced from, and they are the rightful owner of the same.

iPhone Photo a Day – Mar 12, 2010

iPhone Photo A day – Mar 12, 2010

Too friendly

iPhone Photo a Day – Mar 07, 2010

iPhone Photo A day – Mar 07, 2010

Fake flowers and so

iPhone Photo a Day – Mar 06, 2010

iPhone Photo A day – Mar 06, 2010

Diet drinks a.k.a h2o :)

Social Networking Sites – New platform for viruses ?

facebookvirusSince about a year or so, we have a phenomenal rise in the use of social networking platforms as Facebook and Twitter. From a teenager to a grandma, a huge percent of people have their account on and keep in touch with their friends and family members.
The recent attack of a new virus on Facebook accounts that sends an email message to the friends in the list with a link to some malicious site is what prompted me to write this article. Over the last few days I have received several messages from friends to visit a link on youtube (as the message title), but the link refers to some IP addresses. All those who have followed the link have successfully received the free gift of their account being hijacked or their computer got infected.
Over the last few years there has been a decrease in the amount of malware outbreak via email messages, thanks a lot to the sophisticated spam filters and anti virus tools. With the increase in popularity and adaptation of the social networking sites/tools along with their defense systems still in infancy, they have become a easy breading ground for viruses and malware.
I recommend people to not sign up any applications/scripts outside the core offering of Facebook or Twitter and not to follow the links from friends blindly.
Hope this initial hiccups would not cause these sites to crumble under their own weight.

PS: The logos of Twitter and Facebook are the copyrights of the respective organizations.